Avril Lavigne - Who Knows

Yeah x 6

Y do u look so familiar
I could swear that I have seen ur face b4
I think I like that u seem sincere
I think I'd like 3 get 2 know u a little bit more

I think there's sumthing more
Life's worth living 4

Who knows what could happen
Do what u do
Just keep on laughing
1 thing's true
There's always a brand new day
I'm gonna live 2day like it's my last day

How do u always have an opinion
And how do u always find
The best way 2 compromise
We don't need 2 have a reason
We don't need anything we're just wasting time

Find urself
Cuz I can't find u
B urself
Who r u (repeat)

So u go and make it happen
Do urbest
Just keep on laughing
I'm telling u
There's always a brand new day


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